Panel: Approaches to Compliance with Aviation Regulatory Documents

Wednesday, 8:00 AM

Confirmed Panelists

  • Dr. Jordan Kyriakidis, President and CEO, QRA Corp, Halifax, Canada
  • Kyle Martin, Director of European Regulatory Affairs, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), Brussels, Belgium
  • Alistair Mavin, Requirements Specialist, Rolls-Royce PLC, Derby, UK

Problem Statement

System developers must show compliance to regulations which are usually written in imprecise natural language.

Relevance to aviation community

Aviation is a heavily regulated industry. Developers must "prove" that their systems are safe. They must make a defensible argument that their systems satisfy the intent of the applicable regulations. However, regulations are usually written in imprecise natural language.

Insights expected from speakers

The panellists will share their experiences of what is required to show compliance with aviation regulations. They will provide general guidance and concrete examples. They will give insights into various approaches that have been successful, highlight challenges and share lessons learned. 


The panel will educate and inform attendees by providing insights and lessons from experienced practitioners. It will stimulate discussion amongst the aviation community, providing a mechanism for sharing best practice.

Intended audience

Anyone who works in aviation: industrial practitioners, academics, researchers, students, regulators and those working for standards organisations. Put simply, all attendees of DASC.

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